Catasto Onciario – 1745

The Catasto Onciario of Martone was completed in 1745.  The purpose of the Catasto was to evaluate the possessions and revenues of citizens in order to impose a tax on a household.  The Catasto included information about each member of a household  including their names, the relationship to the head of household, their occupation or condition, and their age.  In addition to family information, details of family assets and revenue were recorded for further taxing purposes.   This extraction of the Martone Catasto Onciario provides family member information only. This creates a brief census of the residents of Martone in the year 1745.   There are no other civil records available in the 1700’s that I am aware of, but various church records are available and located in the Locri Diocese.  These two resources can help many of us continue our genealogy research back to the late 1600’s!  The information is currently accessible at:

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