Ciao a tutti Martonese

Hi, my name is Carmen Papallo and my family originated in Martone, RC, Italy.  I am starting this genealogy blog to try and bring all the families of Martone together.  I have been gathering all the civil records available on microfilm at the local Mormon Family History Library for the last 4 years.  These records cover the period from 1809 – 1910.  I have worked with several cousins and friends who have been researching their families from Martone and nearby communes.  Martonese are now scattered all over the world and I look forward to working with anyone interested in their family history.  Researching together will help us to preserve the history of this wonderful comune!  More to come soon!


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  1. Ciao Carmen,
    My grandfather was George Vincent Calvi, from Martone.He was born in 1874, and came to America at some point. He married Virginia Scarfo (from Gioisa Ionica) in 1902. He died in 1926 and she died in 1917.

    • Ciao Virginia! Nice to hear from you. Are you looking for specific info on your family tree? I have copies of the records that are available for Martone and some for Gioiosa too up to 1910. Hope you have a great day. Carmen

  2. Hi Carmen

    My Nonna Maria Rose (I think maiden name Pancetta) is from Martone and my Nonno Salvatore Vital Napoli from Grotariea. All I know is that my Nonno and his brother Guiseppie come to Australia in 1927. He returned 7 years to Italy to collect his wife and two surviving children and return to back Australia in 1934.

    I would be really interested to find out more about my family. Also one of my Aunts married a Papallo and other one a Fuda who’s related to Vumbaca. I guess there are lots of us in Sydney

    Look forward to hearing from you.
    kind regards, Fiona

    • Hi Fiona

      It is nice to hear from you! Your Nonna’s maiden name was most likely Panetta. The records that I have access to are from 1809 to 1910. I have the available records for Martone and a few for Grotteria. If you have any other dates that you can provide it may help. Your grandparents were probably born before 1910 and I will see if I have copies of their birth records. Their is a huge population of people from Martone and Calabria in Sydney. Most of my family is located there and I have many Papallo and Vumbaca cousins. I’ll let you know if I find anything. Have a good day! Carmen

        • Hi Carmen,

          Finally I have some dates. my grandparent birth dates and months are correct by the year maybe off by a year or so.

          My Nonna Maria Rose Panetta born 31 August 1906. Her mothers maiden name is Agostino.

          My Nonno Salvatore Vital Napoli born 19 September 19002.

          At the moment that is all the information I could find out. So would be grateful for anything you can find.

          Kind regards,

          • Hi Fiona,

            I have been looking for your Grandmother’s record and I am not having any luck yet. I did find a different Panetta whose mother was an Agostino. The was a Maria Giuseppa Panetta born in Martone on January 8, 1908. Her father was Giuseppe Panetta and the mother was Immacolata Agostino. This could possibly be your Great Grandparents. Do you have any info on your Grandmother’s siblings? This could help me verify the info. I don’t have a lot of Grotteria records, but I haven’t finished looking through my records. I just wanted to give you an update. Please let me know if you have any other info to share. Thanks.


          • Fiona – I replied too quickly. I found your Grandmother’s record Maria Rosa Panetta born in Martone on August 31st 1905. Daughter of Giuseppe whose father was Giorgio and Immaculata Agostino age 24. So the other info I provided was one of your Grandmother’s siblings. I have sent you a separate email with a copy of the birth record. I will continue to see what other info I can find.


  3. Hi Carm, I am also from Meriden CT and have family from Martone. My surnames are Nesci, Angilletti, Campana and Cotrone. Angilletti and Cotrone are from Martone and Nesci is from San Giovanni di Gerace.

    I have been researching my family extensively over the last 5 months and have come to a few road blocks which I would like to discuss with you. In particular Raffaele Nesci married to Rosa Maria Circosta I believe in Martone. Also I have found a Papallo and Nesci connection which I would like to discuss as well. Please let me know if we can talk.

    Thank you

  4. Hi Carmen,

    I was put onto your website by my good friend Fiona Napoli and have noticed that I recognise a lot of the surnames on your list. A lot are cousins of my dad.
    I am interested in any information you have on the Larosa family. I don’t know a lot of dates but do have the names of my grandparents.
    Leticizia Larosa and Antonio Larosa they had 12 children my dad Domenico being the twelfth born in 5 June 1940.
    I look forward to your reply as I’m sure I can find some more information and dates as time goes by. Unfortunately nobody likes to talk about their ancestors in my family. I, on the other hand love all the information.



    • Ciao Anna,

      The Larosa surname is found in Martone, but is mostly found in Mammola. Many of my family’s close friends growing up in Connecticut were Larosa’s. I will need more info in order to help you. Do you know Leticizia’s maiden name? What other surnames are part of your family? Do you know your great grandparent’s names? I think if you find some of your older relatives and ask them some of these questions they would help you. Don’t give up, almost every generation has someone interested in genealogy. Hope to hear from you soon. Carmen

  5. Hello, my name is Patrick Martone, I was told our family originated in Naples,I did not know there was a city in Italy with the name Martone. Maybe we came from Martone, Italy?? Surnames include Menna.

    • Hi Patrick – I have only seen one orphaned child in the 1800’s given the name Martone in the town of Martone. I believe that child later died. It is possible after 1910 that another child was given that surname. The records that are available to us end at 1910. If I come across any other info, I will let you know. Menna is not a surname I have seen in Martone or any surrounding towns. Start your research in Naples and try to talk to any older relatives you know. They have a wealth of info if you ask them! Take care. Carmen

  6. Hi Carmen,
    I’m finding your blog fascinating! Practically every surname in my extended family in metropolitan New York is common in Martone or Gioiosa: D’Agostino, Calvi, Fuda, Barillaro, Galuzzo, Circosta, Panetta, Macri. However, one name eludes me: Arena. My father’s mother was Maria Guiseppa Arena and she married Francesco Calvi in the early part of the 20th century in Martone. I know many Arena’s immigrated to Australia. I even met one about 30 years ago, Frank Arena, during the feast of St. George in Martone, but from time to time I encounter an Arena in the NYC area and often wonder if they could be relatives? Any record of any having immigrated to Westchester County or nearby?
    George F. Calvi
    Valhalla, New York

    • Hi George,
      Thanks for your post. I looked on Ancestry to see people named Arena that immigrated or lived in New York. There are several hundred records shown. I also tried to see where else the Arena name showed up in Italy and found it in Sicily and Martone area. So it is possible you have many Arena relatives living around you. I need to update my surname list and add Arena to it. I have noticed in my research that many of the people in Martone and the surrounding comunes married within their comune and did not travel too far. This makes sense, since they did not have many means of travel. I also feel that most of us with relatives from Martone are probably cousins, even you and I!! If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


      • Hi Carmen:

        I concur with your conclusion that many of the people of Martone married within their commune. I will go further and state even many first cousins married. I know of at least two sets in my extended family, fortunately with no ill effects.

        On the topic of adding names to your list, I wanted to suggest that when you are doing your research to be aware of variations in the spelling of a surname owing to cultural or political reasons. For example, some of our cousins who settled in Darien, Connecticut modified their surname in the early part of the 20th century from Calvi to Calve to be more socially-acceptable. Today that action might be unheard of, but who knows what social pressures they may have had to contend with decades ago to fit in, so to speak.

        As for you and I being related, that is very possible. I mentioned your research to my brother-in-law who was born in Gioiosa Marina and he seemed to believe there were Papallos in the extended Calvi family and even his own family, Barillaro!

        George F. Calvi
        Valhalla, New York

        P.S BTW – I recalled recently my late father George Calvi of Yonkers, NY was godfather to the son of Sasa (Salvatore) Gatto who resides (resided) in your hometown of Meriden, CT.

        • I know in my hometown of Hingham MA there are family here named Calvi from Gioisa Ionica area. My grandfather emigrated from Martone in the early 1900’s, Salvatore Lombardo, to settle in Hingham, MA too. This part of Italy had various families from that area of Italy who settled here….if that helps anyone?

          • Hi Claire, I am happy to hear that you were able to visit Martone and see where our ancestors came from. I am also happy that you had some luck obtaining a birth certificate. They are usually not very helpful in this area. My father’s mother was a Lombardo from Martone, so we may be related. If you have additional info on your grandfather (birthdate, parents) it will help me locate him in my info. Thanks!

          • I am doing research on the Italian immigrant community here in Hingham, MA for the local historical society and the story of the Calvi family will be an important part of the presentation we are planning. I am using as well as old photos/stories from descendants. A Calvi ancestor was a padroni, sponsoring young Italian immigrants from Calabria in the early 20th century. Calvi descendants still live in what was a mostly Italian neighborhood in Hingham in the early-mid 20th century.- Eileen McIntyre, Hingham MA

          • Hi Claire – I did some research on the Calvi’s from Hingham for Cheryl Webb Clifford and her husband Kevin Clifford. Kevin’s Mother is a Calvi. They may be able to give you additional info on the Calvi’s and other family’s that immigrated to Hingham.

          • Hello Sabrina – What are you trying to find out? Was Benito born in Martone? What year? Do you know his parents names? Please let me know and I will try to help.

          • Dear Sabrina
            Dear Sabrina and Carmen.
            I know the name Arena, my Wife is Rose Marie Arena, the daughter of Frank Arena. We live in Sydney. Benito Arena is linked to this side of the family I am sure. Rose and her family always talk of the family In France. I remember Josephine (Rose’s sister) did visit the family in France many years ago. I have a family tree in I have over 2000 names on my tree many of which are from Martone. I am also from Martone from the Caristo side. Feel free to search for my tree, going back to the early 1700. There is also a 3 or 4th cousin living I LA who has focused on families from Martone and Gioisa Ionica. He has over 10000 people on the tree. Louis Loccisano. He also has a dedicated web site. Regards Tony Caristo ( Antonio Giorgio Caristo)

          • Hi Tony, Sabina and Carmelo are my parents. I will take a look at your family tree. Chances are that we are related somehow! Louis is a 4th cousin to me as well. I have been working with him for several years. He has helped many of us with our research. Thanks for reaching out. It is always nice to meet new people from Martone and try to find connections! Take care. Carmen

          • Je vous laisse mes coordonnées je suis curieuse de découvrir la famille de mon grand père, je n’ai pas eu la chance de connaître le côté de son père en revanche j’ai eu la chance de rencontrer les grands cousins Panetta, mon grand père m’emmener partout

          • Je vous répondrai dans un email séparé. L’arbre généalogique de Tony Caristo contient des informations sur Benito Arena et sur certains de ses ancêtres.

    • Hi George,

      My great grandfather was George Vincent Calvi who immigrated from Martone to Hingham, Massachusetts in the late 1800s and married Virginia Scarfo from Gioiosa Ionica. Almost all my Italian relatives live on the South Shore of Massachusetts. We are probably related. 🙂

      • Hi Yasmeen,
        If your great grandfather was named George V. Calvi and he immigrated from Martone we probably are related one way or the other. What were your grandparents names? There are many Calvi’s in Westchester and knowing that info might help me find out just how close we are related. BTW – My wife and I purchased a home in Rockport a few years back so we’re part-time Massachusetts residents. One of these days when we visit with our old friends in Kingston (near Plymouth) we’ll have to make a detour to Hingham on the way to find some long lost Calvi cousins! BTW – my email address is
        George F. Calvi

  7. Hello Carmen,

    I am excited to see your blog, as I sit watching “Who Do You Think You Are”. George F Calvi is my cousin. I have not seen him for many years, but have fond memories of our childhood together.

    I was born and raised in Yonkers NY, but my parents lived in Meriden CT before I was born, owning The Little Rendezvous for some years. My first cousin Mela Ieraci still lives in Meriden.

    We have a possible common relative who lives in Los Angeles California, Louis Loccisano. He did a search that provided information on my family. Included were some dates of marriage going back to my 4x great grandparents.

    My father was Natale Giorgio (George)Calvi, my mother was Giuseppina
    (Josie)DeMasi Calvi. My paternal Grandparents were Michelangelo Calvi and Maria Circosta. My maternal Grandparents were Giuseppe (Joe)DeMasi and Maria Theresa Loccisano. The other name included in my family are Fuda, Panetta, Russo, Reale, Panajia, Frasca, Candido, Agostino, Oppedisano, Camata, and Buttiglieri.
    Although I don’t know the direct connection, Frank Arena in Australia is married to my dad’s niece.

    Mary Calvi Sesta

    • Hi Mary:
      Greetings from Valhalla! Regarding Frank Arena, I met him at the Feast of St. George in Martone in 1979. Is he still alive? At the time he was trying to fix up his daughter with my late cousin, Stefano Fuda, from Rome. It didn’t work out. If I have my facts correct Frank is (was?) the son of the brother of my paternal grandmother Maria Arena Calvi whose sister, my great aunt Zia Margareta of Gioiosa Superiore (she ran a cheese store) was married to your father’s brother both of whom I met in 1971, the same year we all gathered for your parents’ 25th wedding anniversary party at the old Hotel San Giorgio in Gioiosa Marina. Gee, so many memories flooding back after all these years!

      • Hi Carmen
        I was very surprised to stumble onto your blogs after googling Martone and reading about my cousins in America. My name is Margherita Arena and I live in Sydney , Australia. My dad was Frank Arena who sadly passed away in July 2012. Both George F Calvi and Mary Calvi Sesta are my mums first cousins my mum Giuseppa Arena was the daughter of Giuseppe Calvi and Margherita Arena. Mum is still alive and is eighty four years old but sadly she suffered a stroke a few years ago and her memory was affected.Both mum and dad were from Martone and immigrated to Australia , Dad in 1931 and Mum in 1953, I believe George F Calve is also cousins with my Dad on the Arena side of the family.My Mum and Dad were First cousins.My husband was also born in Martone and came out to Australia in 1954. My father in law Carmelo Giorgio Murdocca was also from Martone and I would love to know a bit about the Murdoccas in Martone.My Dads mum Giuseppina Cutrone was also born in Martone and the Cutrone name was very well known in Martone in the 1800’s as they were educated people .My great, great Uncle Giuseppe Cutrone was a lawyer which was quite rare back then.
        Could you please pass on to me both George F Calvi and Mary Calvi Sestas email address if possible. Thanking You.

        • Hi Margherita,

          You have a great family story and you seem to know quite a bit about your different lines. If you know Carmelo Giorgio Murdocca’s parents names or any additional info, then I will hopefully be able to find some more info for you. Have a great day! Carmen

        • Hello Margherita! or should I say Hello Cugina!

          My email address is I remember Zia Margherita when I met her in Martone in 1971 with my parents. I was barely 13 at the time. She was running a cheese store. I vaguely recall meeting her husband as well, and I seem to recall he was suffering a serious debilitating illness at the time. I have a photo of her sister, my grandmother, Maria Guiseppa Arena Calvi on the wall of my office. My mom said she had the bluest eyes, and the only singing voice in the family!

          BTW – I recently received posts through Ancestry.Com from Amanda and Jackie Calvi, grandchildren of the late Natale Calvi, of Darwin, my father’s brother. They also reside in Australia. Are you familiar with them?

          George F. Calvi

  8. Thank you for the site. I visited Martone several years ago attempting to learn more about my family. While I was able to get a copy of my grandfather’s birth record, I could only get his father’s name. Nothing on his mother or siblings (I know of one). My grandfather was Salvatore Lombardo born January 13, 1892. Not sure when he immigrated to the U.S. He did serve in the U.S. Army in WW1. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Hi Joe,

      I am glad you got to visit Martone and obtain an extract of your father’s birth certificate. I found the actual record in my files and will email it to you. I also sent you a pdf of his ancestors. Hope this helps.


  9. Hi Carmen-
    I am in Connecticut and was born and raised in Meriden.
    I received this link somehow from a post on my page…odd really.
    I know our family lines are connected in some way by my paternal grandmother Jennie Papallo Papandrea. My grandfather was Patsy Papandrea and all lived in Meriden CT.

    • Hi Laureen,

      Happy New Year! You may have received the link from mutual friends like Aldo & Pam G. We also went to Washington middle School together. We are 4th cousins along the Papallo line. If you have any questions, please let me know. Take care.


      • thank you carmen and i am reminded of washington middleschool!
        my sister in law actually sent me the link, however, we both have
        pam and aldo on our sites. hope you are well and so glad to know
        that family ancestry is valued! take care

  10. Hello came. My grandfather Salvatore verterano was born in Martine in 1888.He came to America 1906 and traveled back a few times after serving in WW1. I know little of his parents or relatives. The town I live in is full of descendents of Martine. Some names are. Macro arena retort LUCISSANO , MACRI ,Augustine,and others. The town is called HILLSVILLE,PENNSYLVANIA. Most people came here to work in the limestone quarries. ALSO we have a lot of people from surrounding towns. Do you have any records of my grandfather’s ancestors,and are any of his family still in MARTONE.

    • Hi Wally – I have found the birth record of your grandfather – Salvatore Verteramo. He was born on February 20, 1888. His mother was Giuseppa Agostino, age 43 and a seamstress, her father was Giambattista Agostino. Salvatore’s father was Fortunato Verteramo and they resided in Martone. I checked one of my genealogy files and based on what I have found so far you and I are related on the Agostino side! I will search for more records and I will email the info to you. Your other question about who resides in Martone. I do know of a Giorgio Verteramo that still lives in Martone. Have a great day!

      • CARM
        Thank you so much. Here in Hillsville,the Augustine’s (as its spelled here) have always been close to my family. Nicole Augustine worked with my grandfather in the quarry and along with my grandfather ,taught me to hunt rabbits and pheasants.After my grandfather’s passing in 1970 ,I still would meet Nick on fall Saturday mornings to
        Hillsville is mostly Calabrian from Martinez,Jiosa,and surrounding towns.
        My grandfather served in WW1 and was severly wounded in the Argonne offensive.When he was discharged the government granted him citizenship,which he was very proud of.All of the naturalized people of my town were patriots to America.
        Also,after their war,Sam,as my grandfather was called,traveled back to Martine,how many times I do not know. His name also became Verterano.

  11. Hi Carmen
    Great website, my mother Raffaela Loccisano was from Martone and I have been working on my Martone side for years. I’d love to send you a report showing what I have and see if you could fill in a couple of missing gaps for me or direct me where I can find the information to fill in the gaps. I was in Martone last October but there on weekend and the commune wasn’t open so couldnt get anything sorted

    • Hi Joe, I would be happy to try and help you. I have cousins that research as well that I can reach out to if we need to. You have probably worked with one of them – Louis Loccisano. I am glad you had a chance to visit Martone and see where our ancestors came from. Unfortunately I don’t think you would have had much luck with your research at the comune. Please let me know what your gaps are and we’ll see what we can find for you. Hope to hear from you soon!

      PS – please fix the spelling of Papallo on your website for me. Thanks.


      • Hi Carmen
        My Uncle Luigi Michele Agostino was born in Martone 14 Nov 1910 and died 1 Nov 2000 in Sydney Australia. He married my mums sister Rosina Loccisano. His parents were Giuseppe Panetta and Maria Calvi. I don’t have any information on his parents or grandparents. Would you have their birthdates?

        Also my maternal grandfather Giorgio Raffaele Loccisano born Martone 20 May 1887 died 31 Aug 1929 (mum was born 12 Oct 1929 so never knew her dad). He migrated to the USA and became a US citizen. Try as I might I can’t find anything about his time in the USA. Would you have anything on him.

        We have connections in Meriden as well. Mums cousin Maria Giuseppa Loccisano born 17 Mar 1910 married Pasquale Dominello born 24 Nov 1895 both Martone. Further back mums great Aunt Maria Oppedisano both abt 1873 Martone died Meriden CT 1951 married Francesco Papallo born 3 Nov 1865 Martone died 2 Feb 1910 Meriden.

        • Sorry Carmen not sure where my head was when I was typing my message my Uncles name is Luigi Michele Panetta not Agostino

          • Hi Joe,

            It seems like you have a lot of information already on your family. Have you ever been in touch with my cousin Louis Loccisano? He has done extensive work on Martone and specifically the Loccisano and Papallo families. I will see if I find anything on Luigi Michele Panetta and his parent’s and will email you with any info that I find.

          • Hi Carmen
            I do have a fair bit on my mother’s side lot more on Dads he was from Conflenti Catanzaro. I have got a lot of help from your cousin Louis over the years. Seems a really nice guy. Hopefully in next couple of years I’ll visit USA and catch up with some of the relatives over there

  12. Ciao Carmen. Odd question, but are you male? My parents are from Martone and we lived in Meriden CT. We lived in the Springdale Ave. area for a long time and I recall Papallo families there. My parents were Joseph and Catherine Simonetta. I visited Martone several years ago and after some back and forth with the mayor’s secretary, I came away with copies of my parents birth and marriage certificates. Official copies I might add. I recognize many of the names mentioned in this blog as many of them live in Meriden. Interesting blog and I am sure that now that I have discovered it, I will continue to follow it. Ciao for now.

    • Ciao Carmen. Yes I am a male. I grew up on the east side of Meriden, but knew several families in the Springdale Avenue area. I am glad you were able to visit Martone and had some luck obtaining records. Meriden did become one of the sister cities to Martone. Sydney, Australia is another one and most of my grandfather’s family went there. They even have there own St Giorgio festival each year. Please let me know if you ever have any genealogy questions and I will try to help. Take care. Ciao.

  13. Hi Carmen.
    My grandfaher, George Vincent Calvi was born in Martone in 1875 and emigrated to Hingham, Massachusetts c. 1885-1890. He was the son of Nicola Calvi and Maria Teresa Nati. George married Virginia Rose Scarfo from Gioiosa Ionica in Boston in 1902. She was the saughter of Nicola Scarfo and M. Concetta Barillaro. My mother was the youngest of Vifrginia and George’s 8 children. One of Virginia’s sisters, Maria Giuditta Scarfo who was married to Giuseppe Barillaro moved to Meriden Connecticut. They had three children: Tony, Henry and Rose. Tony married his cousin Virginia Carracciola and their daughter Albina was married to Fred Papandrea who may have come from Martone. Rose married Frank Mantese and their daughter was married to Joe DeMauro. Are any of these names familiar? I remember very well the family compound which was located at 45 Corrigan Ave in Meriden…until they put a highway through. Best wishes from Ginny Laugelli Najmi

    • Hi Virginia – Thanks for all of the info. Most of these surnames existed in Meriden. I have cousins that are Calvi’s. A family friend is a Nati. I went to school with a Papandrea and a DeMauro. Barillaro’s is a car dealership. To top this all off, I lived at 50 Corrigan Ave. after I got married. This was an apartment that my Godparents owned – Natale Verteramo and Maria Circosta! I will try and look through my records this weekend and hopefully find something that will help you and Yasmeen. Happy 4th of July!

  14. My uncle nat and aunt Maria verterano were great people..When my father Nick verterano(nat verterame brother) was alive I took him to Martone great little aunt Rose (Nat ) sister lived in Meriden.Vinny Verterano

    • Hi Vinny, Your Uncle Natale and Aunt Maria Verteramo were very close to my family growing up. They are my godparents and I even lived in one of their apartments in Meriden when I was first married. A wonderful family, we still see Angela pretty often. I’m glad you got to visit Martone with your dad. That is awesome and I’m sure it was a great experience for you all.

  15. Hello my name is John Verterano. My uncle was Natale Verteramo and aunt Mary. Cousins Angela Joseph and George. My Father was Nicola Nick Verterano their sister was Rose. I live in Queens NYC where their parents my grandparents are buried.

    • Hi that post is for Carmen ;Natale and Rose lived in Meriden. My Father lived here in Queens. I know of others in PA. All from Martone

    • Hi John. How are you? I’m fine. I just replied to your brother Vinny about your Uncle Natale Verteramo. The children are George, Angela, and Anthony. I also knew your Aunt Rose who was married to Jimmy Galluzzo. I have a question for you – Do you know the name of your father’s other sister? My parent’s couldn’t remember it. Thanks for contacting me and passing on some info about your family! Take care. Carmen

      • Dont know the name only heard it once ..When we went to Martone my father went to the place where the final resting place for the dead was and gave money to the keeper of the place..My father said it was for his sister who died there but dont remember her name..We also saw a half finish stone house which was in the Verterame family..Vinny V

        • hello Vinny
          my name is Wally Verterano Arent I live in Hillsville ,Pa and also related to Nick and Natale Verteramo

          Aunt Rose came back here to attend my wedding
          my mom Angelina Verterano lived with Aunt Rose in the early 30s

          I think in our photo collection a picture of Uncle Nick with my Grandfather and other uncles exists he is holding you in the picture

      • Amazing! I knew Rose and Jimmy Galluzzo of Meriden. They were close friends with my parents George and Carmela Calvi of Yonkers, New York and Fort Lauderdale. I believe their son John Galluzzo became a Judge in Florida. Rose and Jimmy were somehow related to our cousins Melina and Frank Galluzzo in Sydney, Australia. Melina visited us in Yonkers when I was growing up there in the 1970’s. She often spoke of her son Damian. What a small world!

        • My mother’s maiden name was Calvi, Mary Calvi from Hingham, Ma. Her father was Natalie Calvi. Rose and Jimmy Galluzzo were cousins of ours and Melina Galluzzo from Sydney Australia was a cousin. She visited us in Hingham many years ago Rose and Jimmy brought her up to Hingham before she left for Australia. Small world.

          • Hi Linda – I am assuming that Cynthia Westland is your sister and you must be twins as you both wrote to me within a few hours of each other! I knew Rose (Verteramo) & Jimmy Galluzzo from Meriden, CT. I also helped out another Calvi family from Hingham earlier this year. Their relative was Rocco Calvi who lived on Kilby St and died in 1925. Thanks for writing. I will need to go to Hingham some day and see where another cluster of families from Martone raised their families. Take care. Carmen

      • Hi Carmen,
        I was speaking to my sister Angela who asked me about the oldest sister of my Father (Nick Verterano). If I am not mistaken her name was Angelina but would have to confirm this with Joseph Galluzzo, my cousin. It is a very sad story. My Aunt Rose Galluzzo(my Godmother) told me the story when my Father passed. My Grandmother was Angelina and Grandfather was Vincenzo Verteramo(who passed from an accident working on the railway system in New York, I believe)– my sister and brother were named after them. The oldest daughter was sent back to Italy (to die) She lived in Pennsylvania and became very ill. My Grandmother and children went to Pennsylvania to help her but could not. They remained in America and moved to Little Italy, New York (another story).
        Ciao, Frances

        • Hi Carmen,
          Joe Galluzzo just wrote he believes the sister’s name who passed was Maria Giuseppina…he will confirm when he reviews the papers. He was at the cemetery in Martone in 1998. Her parents Angelina and Vincenzo Verteramo were first cousins.
          Ciao Frances

        • The lady that passed in Italy died of T B. She was my maternal grandmother. My mother’s name is Angelina,daughter of Maria Verterano(the way it’s spelled here)
          My mom lived for a short time in little Italy with aunt rose and family after my grandmother went back to Italy,she also had two brothers at the time Sam and Vincent(Jimmy)

          Hillsville,Pa is the town our family has lived since 1906

          Wally Verterano Arent

  16. Hello Carmen, strang how Vinny and I both posted to this blog on the same day. We had no contact about it. Yes Anthony not Joseph. I dont know why but that name keeps pooping in my head. I dont know of another sister. Cousin Angela just sent a pic of the 3 with their mother my grandma when they were young. Maybe Vinny knows if there was one who passed at a young age that I did not know of or something. I am the youngest of 7 and both grandparents passed way before I was around.

    Thanks for your blog

  17. Ciao tutti. My name is Joseph Vincent Galluzzo and my mother was Rosa Maria Veretamo who married my father
    Vincent Natale Galluzzo. My mom’s parents were named Antonio and Angela Verteramo and they had two sons; Natale Verterame and Nicola Verterano. Both were mistaken upon entering the U.S. Because the script for the cursive “o” Verteramo in my grand father Antonio’s cotizenship papers Is open and not connected at the top curl and can be read as “no” or “me”. I’m not certain of my aunt’sname but I think it was Maria Giuseppina and the called her “Mara Giusep” i’ll check the papersI have when I get back Home in Sat.

  18. Hello cousins. My brother Joe is correct about our aunt Maria. Joe I would love to have a copy of the papers. Our mom Rose said the family came to Pennsylvania to live and her sister Maria was sent back to Italy. Maria was here in advance but the reasons for her illness I choose not to share. Mom contracted tuberculosis and spent 2 years hospitalized and the family moved to Little Italy on Canal Street. Our grandfather Antonio died working as a mason on the subway tunnels in NYC when he fell from a scaffolding. Our grandmother Angela died in 43 or 44 or so from complications of Diabetes. We named one of our twins Nicholas Antonio after my beloved Uncle Nick your father and his father. Our other twin is named Joseph Antonio after our Dad Vincent and Moms Dad. Our sister Mary is named Mary Angela after ‘Moms sister and Mother. It is tragic about our Aunt but she rests hopefully now in peace in Martone

  19. As for our father, his name was Vincent Natale Galluzzo and he was born in Martone on December 18, 1915. Our mother was Rose Verterano born Martone February 8th or 9th (she could never be sure) 1921. Her brothers were Nick and Nat, never knew them by any other name. Fathers brother was Salvatore and sisters Katherine and Rose. Filomena Sinacrope was our grandmother on fathers side. Our fathers father was Joseph Galluzzo who came to the US in 1908, went back to Martone in 1914 to return with family to US and was drafted into the Italian army as he was trying to leave port to come back. Was wounded in the WWI and returned to US after the war. He opened a grocery store in Meriden, Connecticut where we were all born. Our father Vincent (Jimmy) volunteered for service in WWII and was in the Army Air Corps. He and our mother Rose married in 1946. They met as Dad was friends with Moms brothers in Italy as young boys. Someone in their blog mentioned the Pappalos. My parents were close friends with Sassa Papallo and his wife in Meriden. They had four sons.

    • John thanks for the info. My parents Carmelo & Sabina Papallo were close friends with Sassa & Rose Papallo’s family. They were/are my youngest brother’s godparent’s. We were also close with Natale & Maria Verteramo’s family. They were mine and my brother’s godparents. I was in Angela’s wedding and my brother was in George’s. Angela’s daughter Clarissa was in my wedding too!

  20. Hi all,
    I found out about this blog from my son’s girlfriend’s parents after they, along with my son and his girlfriend went to Martone for the 2016 Festa di San Giorgio. My name is Jennifer Edwards and I am the daughter of Giuseppe Cutrone of Martone. My dad, known as Joe here in Sydney, Australia, is the great nephew of Giuseppe Cutrone born in 1853. Dad is 85 and full of life … we live together in a traditional Italian extended household.
    We were discussing the posts on this blog and thought it would be great to share his memories of the history of his family. His story passed down from his father goes like this…
    Giuseppe Cutrone (born 1853) was not only a lawyer but a judge in a number of places: Sicily, Naples and Bari. He then went to Lucca (near Florence) as a judge and then in 1913 he was appointed a Consigliere of the Court of Cassizione (the High Hourt of Appeal) after that he became President (Supreme Justice) of the High Court of Appeal of Italy situated in Florence. He wrote many poems and had a number of books published. Fortunately we have a copy of one of his books in which there is a handwritten message in it.
    There have been many streets named after Giuseppe Cutrone (born 1853) including one in Bari and one in Naples. In Martone, there is one street (Via G. Cutrone) and one laneway (Vico 1 Cutrone) named after him. He was married but never had children. There is also an amazing mural which is dedicated to the ‘jewels’ of Martone at the town’s entrance. Here you can view a beautiful image of his face along with a dedication to him as a poet.
    Giuseppe (born 1853) had three brothers and a sister: Giuseppina, Beniamino, who was a doctor, Gennaro, who was a priest and Michele (born 1851), who we know as Don Michele, my dad’s grandfather. Michele was a lawyer also and the only one of Giuseppe’s (1853) children to have children.
    Not surprisingly, Giuseppe (1853), Michele (my great grandfather), Beniamino, Gennaro and Giuseppina’s father was also called Giuseppe. He was my dad’s great grandfather and dad refers to him as Don Peppe. He was born around 1826 and was a Captain of the Bourbons. In approximately 1848, he fought against Giuseppe Garibaldi in the Unification of Italy. The Bourbons were the Aristocrats of the Italy before Unification (which occurred in 1870). Giuseppe (Don Peppe) was captured and exiled to Cutro in Calabria leaving all his family, wife Donna Rosalba Oppedisano and his 5 children, in Martone, never to return.
    My dad, Joe, left Martone in 1950 at the age of 18 and settled in Sydney, his brother George followed in 1953 and his parents, Francesco (known as Mastro Rafaele) and Immacolata along with his sisters Stella and Rosa Maria arrived in 1956.
    It is here that he met my mum, Rose Galluzzo. Mum’s dad Salvatore and mum Caterina with son Frank, also from Martone, came to Australia in 1926 and 1934 respectively. They settled in Glebe and had two more children, Tony and my mum Rose.
    My parents married in 1960 and had two children, myself and Paul.
    I have enjoyed reading everyone’s posts together with my mum and dad. We have loved talking about all the stories and have been reflecting on how well educated and well respected the Martone family was in those times.
    As with many families that have their heritage in Martone, the values of respect and hard work continue today and is the foundation of us all…
    I was thinking how my Great Grandfather Michele would be so proud of all the lawyers who have followed in his footsteps as would my Great Great Uncle Giuseppe, not mention all the other professionals who can trace their roots back to Martone. Hopefully there are some poets amongst us as well – but this ain’t me!
    I hope you find this interesting and informative and I look forward to hearing from anyone who wants to make contact.

  21. Greetings, My husband Vincenzo Loccisano is from Martone and now lives in southern France near Avignon. I am writing for him as he doesn’t write English. Enzo’s father was Giorgio Giacomo Loccisano and his mother Maria Angela Murdocca. I think he has family in Meriden,Connecticut and in Australia as well. He would love to know of any others.Thank you. E!lizabeth Anne Loccisano

    • Hello Elizabeth! I looked through the information that I have and did not see Enzo’s parents. This does not surprise me as i expect they were born after 1910. The civil records that are available to us are from 1809 to 1910. If you happen to know Enzo’s grandparents names and approximate birth date, age, marriage dates, then I may be able to provide additional info about his direct lines. I am also going to send you my cousin Louis Loccisano’s email. I am sure he has more info on all the Loccisano’s. He has been doing genealogy for over 20 years on his family in Martone and Gioiosa primarily. Hope to hear from you soon. Ciao Carmen

  22. Hello Carmen. My name is Cynthia Westland and my mother was Mary Eleanor Calvi. My grandparents, Natale Calvi and Immacolatta Cutrone were both from Martone. My grandfather was born in Martone on Dec. 25, 1898 and came to the United States through Ellis Island on March 20, 1911 at the age of 22 via the ship Cincinnati departing throgh Naples. They settled in Hingham, Massachusetts and had three sons, Joseph, George, John whom he named after his three brothers, and a daughter, (my mother) Mary. My grandfather’s father, my great grandfather, was a butcher in Martone. I would love to have any additional info about my grandparents. I have no information on my grandmother to add to our family tree. Thank you!

    • Hi Cynthia – please see my comments to Linda Lane. I will look and see if I have any records for your family and reply to you both directly with any info. Take care and talk to you soon. Carmen

    • My name is Girolama Maria Rosa Cutrone. My father was Hugo John Cutrone my grandmother was Elizabeth Varracali(Simari) her mother was Maria Rosa Scarano who was married to Felici Simari

  23. Hello Carmen, mi sembra di capire che posso scrivere in italiano?
    Non sono martonese, ma lo era la GGmother, donna Maria Immacolata Cotrona. Di lei so che si è sposata il 1885, di 22 years old, figlia di notar Francesco, con Infusini Giuseppe, di Gioiosa Jonica. Mi puoi dire dai tuoi archivi quando é nata? Dovrebbe essere nel 1863.
    Ringrazio per l’attenzione.

  24. Just found this sight in Australia
    Is there any Marando’s out there?
    My dad Giuseppe Marando and mother Maria Marando ( née Cirillo ) migrated to Australia beginning 1950 with me

  25. Hi Carmen, my name is Rocco Middonti. My mother was Maria Rosa Vumbaca and father was Francesco Middonte. Grandparents were Rocco Vumbaca and Maria Giuseppa Calvi and Nicola Middonti and Giulia Nicoletta. Back further were Circosta, Fuda, Frasca, Panajia, Oppedisano.

    • Hi Rocco – I knew your Zia Pasqualina and Zio Giuseppe Middonte. I remember visitng them when we went to Martone. Giuseppe used to make wonderful things with wooden Popsicle sticks and wood matches. Pasqualina visited us in Meriden, Connecticut when I was about 3 years old. It is nice to hear from you!

  26. To the CBS’s Mary Calvi. Otis Livingston and Cindy Hsu was talking about Mary Calvi’s private life they set you up!

  27. Cela fait 2 ans, que j’ai posté ici, je réponds aussi, à Tony Caristo, ainsi qu’à l’admin, donc je suis la petite fille de Arena Benito né le 28/12)1928 à Martone décédé le 05/02/2000, en France, son père s’appeler Giorgio Arena il est décédé en Australie, il était mariée à une Panetta.
    Je pense que c’est bien la famille de mon grand père dont en parle
    Je connais mes grandes cousines Panetta qui sont en Australie, la sœur de mon grand père Hermine était aussi en Australie

  28. Hi Carmen. My name is Vivian Macri and I am from Sao Paolo in Brasil. My great-Grandfather Antonio was born in Calabria around 1860 [maybe between 1861 and 1863]. His father and mother were Nicola and Luisa Macri [nee Bova or perhaps Bona] who may have been from Martone.

    Antonio emigrated to Brasil and we would love to make a connection in Italy to Nicola and Luisa directly. If you could provide us with any information about Antonio or his parents in Martone that would be fantastic.

    Thanks so much.


    P.S. My family love your website and the community!

    • Hi Vivian! I’m glad you are enjoying the site. I checked the civil records from 1855 to 1860 for Antonio with no luck. The records for Martone from 1861-1866 are missing. I looked for any other siblings of Antonio and also had no luck. I am going to see if I find Nicola & Luisa’s marriage info. I’ll get back to you soon. Take care. Carmen

      • Hi Carmen,

        Thank you very much for your reply. I look forward to hearing from you should you have some luck with the search.

        Best wishes,


        • Hi Vivian I checked the marriage records from 1850-1860 with no luck. I am not sure that I have seen any Bova’s from Martone. Do you know if Antonio was married and had any children born in Italy? What led you to Martone in your research? These questions may help us find more clues. Hope to hear from you soon. Ciao. Carmen

          • Hi Carmen,

            Thank you a lot for helping me.

            I saw few information about Macri and Bova at the Family Search website, but looks like there is no relation with my family.

            I really appreciated your help.
            Hope you have a lovely Christmas.
            Ciao. Vivian

  29. Hi Carmen,

    My name is Tom Papallo and I’m from Sydney, Australia. I am hoping to find some information on my great great grandparents. One is Michelangelo/Michele Papallo. He was born in 1862 and died in 1947. One of his sons was Francesco Papallo, my great grandfather. Ancestry tells me Michele was married to a ‘Maria Caterina Concetta Agostino,’However I’m not sure if this is true or not as my grandfather doesn’t remember.

    for this side of my family, there is a lot of information. The names that come up on ancestry frequently include: ‘Agostino, Panetta, Calvi, Nadile, Iemma, Fuda, Lentile, Infusini and Chiaro.I am hoping to find some records such as birth/marriage certificates or anything really to show to my Grandfather.

    My Grandmother’s side is the Cavaleri’s. Francesco Cavaleri was my great great grandfather, with his son Salvatore being my bisnonno. I am unsure of when Francesco was born, but I could guess it was toward the end of the 18th century. My grandmother says she believes he was married to a Giuseppina Galluzzo, if that helps. I must note, this side of my family was not from Martone, they were from San Giovanni Di Gerace. I tried emailing the municipio of san Giovanni to request information in regard to my relatves, but no response, so here I am.

    My Bisnonna’s parents are Filippo Scali (DOB unknown) and Caterina Scali/Cavaleri, who was born in 1883 in San Giovanni. I have tried looking for all of my great grandparents Italian records previously, but have not been able to find them online. If you could possibly help me in searching for any records at all to do with my family I would be eternally grateful. Thankyou.

    Also, your website is amazing!

    • Hi Thomas. Thanks for reaching out to me. We are actually cousins. My Nonno Natale Papallo & your great great Nonno Francesco we’re brothers. I met your family when I visited Australia in 1984. Is your dad Mario? Marcella and Loretta showed me around a bit. I have most of the Civil records for our Papallo side. San Giovanni has records available but they are missing several years. I am glad you are asking your grandparents questions because they remember so much!! Keep talking to them. If I have the wrong family then please let me know. I want to research a little bit and will reach out directly to you. Have a great day day and say hello to the family from me. Take care. Carmen

      • Hi Carmen,

        Yes that’s my family! My Dad is Mario and my aunties are Marcella, Loretta and Lidia. Dad remembers you from when you came out here! That’s great that you have the records from our Papallo side. I tried looking sometime last year at Martone & Gerace records from before the first of our family came out in 1925, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any… I believe this is because they are only held in the municipio? I was so close to coming to Martone & San Giovanni last year when I was in Italy to try and retrace our family history, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to. Hopefully after covid I will get the chance to visit!

        I have also researched the Australian archives rather extensively over the past few months and have found an abundance of records for our family (passenger arrival lists, internment records, court hearings, interviews, work arrangements etc.) However the furthest they go back is to the 1930’s, around the time when the first of our family migrated to Australia. I’m sure you already have looked at the Australian records, but if you would like any on your Nonno or any other members of our family who came out here I would be happy to send you what i’ve found so far.

        I will wait to hear from you and will tell the family you said hi. Stammi Bene,


    • Hi Tom,
      Caterina Scali/Cavaleri’s mother was my great grandmother’s sister from San Giovanni di Gerace. I live in Ryde and my father’s family is related to your family. If you need any help with the San Giovanni records I am happy to steer you in the right direction.

      • Hi Mary. I’ll let Tom know about your offer to help. I am gathering info for him now, but I’m sure he’ll need help filling in some of the blanks that may come up. Happy New Year!!

      • My Grandmother was named Caterina Scali and she was born in Martone on March 5, 1885, she married a Giorgio Macri.

  30. I’m seeing so many familiar names here that are in my family tree from Martone going back to the 1600s: Macri, Scali, Calvi, Vumbaca, Sorbara, Caristo, Nadile, Loccisano, Marando, Carabetta, Piscioneri, Luca, Ciurleo, April’s, Ientile, Belcastro, Minnici, Fusini, Nati

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