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  1. Carmen!

    I grew up in Meriden too! Son of Les and Janice Pierce, I know they are familiar with some of the Papallos, maybe even you! Anyway, I am planning a trip to Italy next spring and I really want to visit the hometown my Grandma is allegedly from, which the family is claiming as Martone. Her maiden name was Simonetta. Would you happen to have any information on the Simonetta’s and/or any advice on traveling in the region. We plan to spend 2 to 3 full days in the region of Naples/Calabria?

    • Hi Matt,

      Nice to meet you – where in Meriden were you raised? I have records available for Martone from 1809 to 1910. If you let me know your grandmothers info (birthdate,immigration date, parents full names, etc.), I will see what I can find. If she was born after 1910, then we’ll have to try immigration records and census. I would say to stay along the coast for your visit to Italy. Unless you have a relative in Martone, there are no hotels there and I would only do a day trip. Not a lot to see. Maybe someone else will comment who has visited more recently. I haven’t visited in decades. Please get back to me with whatever info you can. Thanks and have a great weekend! Carmen.

      • Carmen!

        Thanks so much for responding. Also – Happy New Year! I had no idea you responded until today so my apologies on the late response. Anyway, I literally just received some immigration paperwork from my Uncle. My Grandmother grew up on Lewis Ave and I personally grew up on Schwink Hill (east side) with my parents and two older siblings.

        Anyway, based on the paperwork I have, my Grandmother, Giovanna Maria Simonetta, was born on 1/1/1922. Her mother, whom she emigrated with, was Rosaria Simonetta nee Silipo and she was born on 10/6/1891. Her father, who I believe came over before them, was Pasquale Simonetta born on 11/23/1883. I have a copy of the “Certificate of Naturalization” as well – not sure if that will help…

        We are planning to drive from Reggio Calabria Airport to Naples over a 2 day period, stopping off to hopefully see where my Grandmother lived in Martone on the way.

        Thanks Again – this is very exciting!

        • Happy New Year Matt! I grew up down the street from you on Liberty Street by Washington Park. I have found your Great Grandmother Rosaria Silipo’s birth record with the info you provided. I did not find your Great Grandfather’s record. Do you have anyway to email me the record(s) showing his info? There may be more clues in the records to help me. Thanks.


          • Certainly! Where should I send it? Did the birth record include an address or anything?

  2. Carmen,

    First off – thank you for your initial response, I had no idea you responded until just now. Secondly – Happy New Year, I hope 2016 brings you great happiness!

    Anyway, I was raised on the East Side, atop Schwink Hill. My Dad grew up on Lewis Ave. I actually just received some paperwork from my Uncle, here is what I have learned:

    My Grandmother, Giovanna Maria Simonetta, was born on 1/1/1922. Her mother, whom she emigrated Italy with was Rosaria Simonetta nee Silipo. She was born on 10/6/1891. Her dad, who I believe came over earlier, was Pasquale Simonetta. He was born on 11/23/1883. All 3 appear to have born in Martone based on the information I have. I also have a copy of the “Certificate of Naturalization” which indicated Pasquale originally resided at 64 North Second Street upon settling in Meriden.

    As to our travel plans, we are planning on driving by car from Reggio Calabria airport to Naples over a 2 day period, stopping off in Martone to hopefully see where my Grandmother lived.

    Please let me know how I can be of any assistance – I will be sure to check back more regularly!

    Thanks Again,

    • Hi Matt, while a few years have passed since your post here, I thought it was worthwhile making contact with you. My father was Nicola Vincenzo Silipo born in Martone. I do have a budding family tree on Ancestry and always trying to find out more. Would love to hear from you. I will be going to Martone in Sep this year again. Regards Margaret

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