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  1. Hi Carmen
    My grandfather Natale Maiolo migrated to Australia (Sydney NSW) in 1927. I think he was born in Martone in 1896. My father was Giuseppe was born in Martone in 1924 and migrated to Aust. in 1949. My older brother born 1948, myself 1949 with my mother Maria Frasca born 1924 in Martone also migrated in 1951. Any more info would be much appreciated

    • Hi George, thanks for contacting me. I have hundreds of relatives in Sydney. I do have your Nonno Natale’s birth record. He was given the name Natale Michele, born on December 20th, 1895. My Nonno Natale Papallo was born December 25th, 1895! Here is a summary of the info I found:

      Vincenzo Maiolo born ~1816
      Teresa Iacopetta
      Ilario Maiolo born ~1845 in Caulonia
      Vincenzo Fuda born ~1819
      Teresa Calvi
      Maria Rosa Fuda born ~1862 in Martone

      1 Ilario + Maria Rosa Married 7-8-1887 (#0608+0636)
      2 Maria Teresa Maiolo born ~1888-1889
      m Giorgio Ilario Demasi born ~1875
      married 9-15-1910
      2 Giorgio Francesco Maiolo born ~1889-1890
      m Maria Teresa Murdocca born ~1889
      married 10-29-1910
      2 Natale Michele Maiolo born 12-20-1895 (#7298)

        • Hi Carmen, do you have who Natale married ( early 1920s ) as I’m not sure of my grandmothers maiden surname. it could be Luisa Giava
          George Maiolo

          • Hi George,
            Unfortunately the records that are available on microfilm from the Mormon church only go up to 1910. The provinces in Italy are slowly digitizing the records and putting them online. These will go up to about 1950 when they are added. You can try writing to the comune if you think they were married in Martone, but I have never gotten much response from them.

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