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  1. My grandfather was born in Martone Jan 19 1889 His mothers name was Maria Francesca Vumbaco He came to the US in 1901. He was estranged from his mother. When he came to the USA his name was a far as I know Georgio Costantinopoli. He went by Frank Constantinople and settled in Meriden CT. I can not find anything on his mothers side. Meriden has many of the names from Martone. Any info would help. Thanks

    • Hi Diane, I do have his birth certificate. He was born on June 19 1889. He was given the name of Giorgio Constantinapoli. I emailed you the record and more info about it.

  2. My grandfather, Rocco Vumbaca, was born in Martone 07/10/1893. He married Maria Giuditta Vumbaca (born 1894) and had 3 children (1 died), Giuseppe Michele born 1914, and Maria Giuseppina, born 1927 before coming to the USA in 1927. I can not find any information on my grandfather’s parents. Any information would be great. It is my understanding my grandparents were 1st cousins.

    • Hi Deb! Happy 4th of July! I have been researching info on your family and had a bit of luck. I will be sending you a pdf file with a lot of info that includes your family line. It is fairly accurate, although I could not find one critical record. the marriage of Giuseppe Vumbaca to Rosa Fuda. This does not mean the record doesn’t exist. It is either not available in Martone or Rosa came from a different town and the record is there. This should give you plenty to build on and confirm with the records available at your local FHL or their online site. Enjoy. Carmen

  3. Hi Carmen,
    I didn’t see my name on the Surname list
    My Name is Giorgio Maiolo, I was born in Martone on the 18/4/1949
    My father was Giuseppe Maiolo
    My Mother was Maria Frasca
    My Paternal Grandfather was Natale Maiolo married to Luisa Guava?
    My Paternal Grandfather was Antonio Frasca married to Maria??
    If you can find out any more information for me I would appreciate it.

    • Hi Giorgio. I added Maiolo to the surname list. The records available to us currently only go from 1809 to 1910. If you have any dates to go along with your grandparents’ names like birth/death/marriage, that would help me try and locate some more info for you. Thanks for visiting the site. Take care and get back to me. Thanks. Carmen

  4. I love that you are helping fellow Martone decedents. My grandpa, George Frasca came to the U.S. in 1930. His family had a general store in Martone. His father, Giuseppe Raffaele Frasca, worked in the U.S. for seven years to save enough money to bring his family over. He would visit his family in Italy every two years, so… all my grandpa’s siblings were born two years apart : )
    Other names in my tree are Ientile, Valerioti and Macri. I wondered if the Barron Macri is related to the Macris in Martone? Also, do you know of anyone who speaks english and Italian who could meet me in Martone? I would like to visit in the next couple of summers. Thanks so much for your help.

    • Hi Christie. Thanks for checking out my website. My grandfather did the same thing, just not as often back and forth. He ultimately ended up back in Martone. I do not know much about the Macri’s and the Baron. As far as visiting Martone, I would recommend going for the St. George festival which is usually in early August. There are people there from around the world including the U.S. and Australia – so finding someone that speaks English shouldn’t be a problem. Also, many of the Italians there speak English. Hope you have a great time when you go!

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