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  1. Hi Carmine,I’ve just come across your blog and found it to be very interesting. My Gioiello family come from Martone and immigrated to Sydney Australia post war. We have family here in Sydney with the same surname but don’t know if any others outside of Australia. My grandfather was Vincenzo Gioiello and my grandmother was Maria Theresa Gioiello.

    • Hi Carmel – Happy to hear that you like the site. My cousin Louis had some info on your family. Your grandmother’s maiden name was Silipo. I show they had a son Antonio Gioiello married to Gilda Gaglione (your parents?) and they had a daughter Lisa (sister?). I try to stay in touch with many of my cousins in Sydney on Facebook. I am sure you would know some of them, especially if you attend the St George festival held there. Take care and let me know if you need help with any research. Ciao! Carmen

  2. Thank you Carmen, this is my uncle and Aunty , Lisa is my cousin. My father Giorgio Gioiello was the eldest of 5 brothers. Yes I’m sure I would know some of your cousins- the San Giorgio fiesta is coming up, it’s always a great day.

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