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  1. Hi I found your website about Martone. Do you have any information on a Rocco Calvi born 1877 Martoni Italy died 1925 Hingham, Ma. His wife was Filomena Femia born 1882 in Reggio di Calabria died 1938 Hingham, MA. I’m looking for my mother in-law Susan Calvi. She would love to know more about her grand parents.

    Thank you
    Cheryl Clifford

    • The civil records for 1877 in Martone are missing, but sometimes the year is not exact. I looked in the records for 1876 and did find a birth for a Rocco Vincenzo Calvi. I cannot guarantee that this is Susan’s grandfather with out knowing his parent’s names which may be shown on his obituary or death certificate. If Rocco and Filomena were married before 1910 and you know what year, then I can try and find the Marriage record for them. This would have the best info on it. I will email you this record as there is a good chance that this is him. I looked at the Reggio Calabria records for Filomena Femia with no luck in 1882. There were records missing.

  2. Im trying to find exactly where my grandfather Joseph Candito was born. He was married to Francesca and lived at 70 kilby st Hingham Ma.

    • Hi Christopher – Do you have any other info about your Grandfather? Age, Birth date, Death Date, Grandmother’s maiden name? Immigration date? Please let me know and i’ll see if I can find anything for you. Thanks.

  3. Hello, I try to know the genealogy of my father: CIURLEO Giorgio. He was born in 1938 in Martone and died in the south of France in 1998. In 2002 I managed to have a copy of the birth certificate of my grandfather: CIURLEO Rocco Vincenzo di Pasquale (copy that I have trouble reading) born 20/08/1910 son of VUMBACA or VUMBICA Caterina di Giuseppe and CIURLEO Pasquale. I do not know if my grandfather had brothers and sisters. Small when we went on vacation to Martone, I remember one person: Uncle Nicolas-Nicolas CIRCOSTA.
    Could you help me move forward in my research?

    • Hi – I will try to help you. I found the birth record for Rocco Vincenzo Ciurleo, he was born on August 20, 1910. His father is Pasquale, age 39. Pasquale’s father was Francesco. Rocco’s mother is Caterina Vumbaca. Her father was Giuseppe Vumbaca. I will search some more and see what additional info I can find for you.


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