This is a list of family surnames found in Martone up to 1910.  This list may not be complete and I appreciate your comments and input so I can continue adding to the list.

This surname database has been updated and now has a new drop down menu for ease of viewing.

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29 Jul 2014


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  1. I have started my family tree three weeks ago. My Great GrandFather is Raffaele Angiletta he was born in 1871 and live in Martone. His wife is Immoculata Cotrona. He has a Nephew Frank Circostra. I believe he married in Italy but I can’t locate a record. He came to America in 1896 but then went back to Italy(staying in Martone) he then came back to America and settled in Meriden Connecticut in 1903. I found his Naturalzation papers today and his witness was Sal Papillo. So my question is do you have any records documenting the marriage of Raffaele and Immoculata? Do you have a birth record for Immoculata? Like I said I am just getting into this and any help would be much appreciated.

    • Hi Don. It is nice to meet you. I do have info about your Great Grandparents. Specifically their Marriage record. Their birth records may not be available. There are a few years that are missing, but I would need to check. One issue is that it shows your Great grandmother as Concetta Grazia Cotrona. My info shows that they had 8 children, I would guess one of them is a grandparent. I would like to connect you with a good friend of mine – Erminia Angilletta, she is located in Toronto, Canada. We have been working on Calabria genealogy for several years and I have provided her any Angilletta records that I came across during my research. Here is her website: . If you go to Martone you will see your Great Grandparent’s marriage record. Erminia also has a nice page on Facebook: . I think she would love to hear from you and find out if you are related. Can you give me a little more info on Frank Circosta? Does his naturalization record show his age? Do you know how Frank was related to Raffaele or Immaculata? Let’s start with this and we will help you as much as we can. Have a good evening. I look forward to hearing from you again soon. Carmen

      • Hi Don – I have done lots of research on your family for one of your relatives. Let me know if I can be of any help.

        Erminia (nuccia)

  2. Thank you Carmen yes they had 8 grandchildren one of which is my grandmother Carmel Angilletti. I just saw this post ironically I reached out to you again on another topic. I wasn’t sure how this worked.


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