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  1. I am looking for any information for a Tulone Achille born about April 9, 1875 in Martone. He died Feb 10, 1918 in Hingham, Massachusetts. He married Maria Arica.

    His father was Domenico Achille.

    Any help you can supply me with on the family would be greatly appreciated.

    I am doing the research for a cousin who is 85 years old, It is his grandfather that he never knew about.

    • Hi Nick – You are fortunate, because there are birth records available for 1875 in Martone. I did find Achille Tolone’s birth record. Tolone is the surname. He was a foundling – which basically means he was left at the church or at someone’s door. He was probably given the name by the mayor – sindaco. The birth record is dated September 22, 1875, but states that the baby was about 2 days old. The record appears to state that he was adopted by Caterina Barillaro (father was Vincenzo) and her husband Domenico Verteramo (father was Antonio). Achille may have known who his real parent’s were, but we have no way of knowing. Perhaps one day a relative will do a DNA test and you may find out who his family was. I will email the record to your email. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Carmen

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